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Intelligent and Advanced Electroplating Technology Training Course in Taiwan
Posted on December 13, 2019
Mr. Nicholas Chang, the Managing Director of Winstar Chemicals, has already led the team to several cities since he was elected as the Chairman of Hong Kong Surface Finishing Society. Exchanging latest technologies and updating environmental policies are the main purposes of the visits.
Hong Kong Surface Finishing Society and Hong Kong Electro-plating Merchants Association joined the 5-day training course of Intelligent and Advanced Electroplating Technology organized by Hong Kong Productivity Council in Taiwan recently. The trip started from Kaohsiung, then all the way to Tai Chong and Tai Pei Tao Yuan.
The training course covers a wide range of topics in surface finishing industry, including Metal Processing Technology, Environmentally-friendly metal coating, ceramic protective layers, automatic production line technology and etc. Meanwhile, they also visited the companies and factories in Taiwan and had technological discussions with local technicians.
The applicability of surface finishing is wide and has been merged into our daily life. Broadening our horizons and markets by connecting to the world becomes a must in nowadays industrial development. Let’s embrace the brighter future together.