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Xiamen Technical Seminar 2019 by Winstar Chemicals
Posted on July 04, 2019
Winstar Chemicals held the first Technical Seminar in Xiamen on 23rd June. Aiming at sharing the latest plastic plating technology and environmental trend in the industry, the seminar attracted a large group of industrial fellows in south China.
Mr. Nicholas Chang, the Managing Director of Winstar Chemicals, gave a welcome speech to start the seminar; he mentioned that we actively developed innovative processes especially for the bathroom industry. He hopes that the bathroom industry can utilize new plastic substrates and processes to explore a new development trend. Besides, electric car industry had been rapidly growing nowadays, which the seminar would also cover relevant technologies.
Mr. Wang Zheng and Mr. Fan Yong are the Sales and Technical Directors of Winstar Chemicals. Both of them gave presentations on the new technology and answered all enquiries from audiences. Meanwhile, some workpieces from well-known brands showing existing color samples in the market are also showcased. Most of the audiences showed great interest.
After the seminar, we enjoyed a dinner with all of our honorable guests. We appreciated all of your attendance and long-term support. We will continue to provide more innovative products and technologies with high quality and stability.